I Joined ITV in 2013 when the ITV Hub was still the ITV Player. Below you can see a snap shot of the transition the products have taken in the time since starting. On this page I have given overview of the projects and features that I feel best demonstrate my successes at ITV. I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to design experiences for all of the ITV Hub products (CTV, Mobile & Browser). Recently, I was promoted to UX Architect which has allowed me to have more involvement in the strategic direction for the future of the products and to achieve a consistent experience across all of the platforms.

Since redesigning the ITV Player and launching the new ITV Hub experience, consumption is up by over 50%. 



ITV Hub Platform Designs
ITV Player Old Platform Designs
ITV Player Platform Designs 


I was lucky enough to be the lead designer on the rebuild of ITV's browser website. The existing proposition was a fixed width website so the fundamental goal for this project was to create a scalable responsive website.

I worked closely with the front end development team to set out the rules for the responsive canvas which would ultimately feed into a "living style guide", that the entire site is powered by.

You can visit the living style guide at -

This become a powerful tool for both me as a designer and also the developers, because it allowed us to quickly iterate on page design and build.

There is an ambition to package this up and role it out across all of the platforms. 

...And who doesn't like Trifle?

Trifle Responsive Canvas Logo
Trifle Responsive Canvas Spec
Trifle Responsive Canvas Grid


As part of my role at ITV I have been involved with many rounds of user testing. We have used a variety of user testing techniques depending on the problems we were trying to solve and questions we were asking.

One of the methods used to quickly iterate on feature variations is AB / Multi Variant testing. Using AB Tasty we have been able to test the effect on conversions to view when introducing new features or optimising existing journeys.

Shown here is a recent test to explore whether the size, prominence, format and position of an editorial item has any effect on click impressions.

We also work closely with ITV's audience team as well as the in house BI team to find pain points and learn more from our users. The user focus groups are always a great exercise, hearing first hand people's annoyances.  

Test Wireframe
Test Wireframe Overview


These are the design mock ups for explained AB test. After talking through the technicalities of the responsiveness with the development team I put together some higher fidelity designs so we could see how they were going to look on product. 
Multi Variant Test 1
Multi Variant Test 2
Multi Variant Test 3
Multi Variant Test 4


As mentioned above I have recently been given the responsibility of driving forward the alignment the experience across all platforms and products. As part of this, me and the Head of UX felt it necessary to create more transparency in the UCD process, to help collaboration. We created a wall that mapped out all stages of the UCD process, with an ambition for this to be the centre of the conversations between teams to solve complex problems.

We hope to give visibility of business and UX priorities to the relevant people early in process so that we can produce the best solutions.

UX Process Wall


For me, the most important part of the user journey in a video on demand service, is the media player. You can optimise the user flows but, if the experience within the media player is sub standard, this is what the user will remember. For the most part, ITV has a stable quality of service within the media player, but to better the perception of the product we decided to update the design.

At the time I was working within the Connected TV team so I led the way by redesigning this media player. Since completing this we have now rolled this design out to the mobile apps and is soon to be rolled out on the browser website.

Connected TV Media Player